Get the Fuck Outta Here: A Dialogue on Jordan Peele’s GET OUT
Son of Baldwin

This was an amazing analysis of the film. I am especially interested in your analysis of the characters Georgina and Walter. I was expressing to my friend that I simply thought it was a loophole within the movie. I say that because Georgina/Grandmother and Walter/Grandfather were both the help. I would have thought they would have been doing something else. However, you both stated “Can you get into the rape narratives that would inform such a choice? That was some real, old-time plantation rape stuff going on there. That was Peele telling us about their family trees and ours…here was a clear fetishizing of the black body. A desire to have access to Blackness while remaining ontologically white. The scenes of Walter illustrate that. He is always engaged in some kind of physical activity: running, chopping wood, etc. That speaks to that desire to violate and manipulate the black body without entering into a full union. In that world, they all know that Whiteness remains.” Mind. Blown. Thank you so much for this!

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