Examining the Behavior Blocks That May be Preventing Your Miracles

Manifestation and control are counter-intuitive. One reaches for actualization while the other punishes it.

Controlling behavior is not by itself a sign of weakness, it only is a symptom of a weak inner soul link.

This is the first step to manifesting ~ Lets get rid of the behaviors that are blocking your progress.

Control issues are fulfilling a need, only because the real “need” is amiss or lacking.

Control is a state of mind that is perceived.

Let me also say that preparedness and control are the same thing. Preparation allows the process to unfold naturally. The result is “actual”. Control is when the kung-fu grip takes over and the process is manipulated from start to finish. Any possibility of the Universe to work in your favor has been cancelled. How do you know if it is control or preparation? Can you delegate duties without judgment or micromanaging them?

To find why the mind needs to answer the need in this manner is to prove why it isn’t there in the first place. So, in other words, Ask the question:

What do I feel when I get the outcome I desire after working so hard to control it?There is the answer. The feeling is what is missing.

Want an example?

The hoarder feels in control when they are collecting things. That’s why there is never enough in the mind of the hoarder. There isn’t a problem even if they know it’s a problem. They have to find. Collect. And save. Why?

***There is perceived safety in not ever being without; provided they don’t let go of ANYTHING.

At some point this person probably suffered a loss or lived through something that caused emptiness. Through hoarding, they are filling and refilling an empty bag so to speak. Purposeful collecting is replacing purposeful living.

  • Look deeply the next time you move heaven and earth to make something perfection.
  • Journal the feelings.
  • Mediate on the answers.

Do you need the event to be perfect?Or for yourself to be perfect? WHY? The answer is the gold.

Bonus: There is no such thing as having your cake and eating it too. It’s a false sense of fleshly perfection. Perceived not actualized.

True control is releasing the outcome. Manifestation experts say that the only way to manifest something you desire, is to give up control of making it happen yourself. Instead, know you already have what you need. In manifestation principles, the Universe will continue your harmony and provide more.

Controlling behavior is a false sense of security. Just like the horn of a western saddle — If the horse wants you off; your gonna hit the ground.

Tune in for part 2 of the series for Manifesting your best life.