With USA-Embassor in Maputo (Mozambique), at GIST certificate ceremony.

Meet GES Delegate: Cândida Chamussa Magaia

Name: Cândida Chamussa Magaia (Founder)

Twitter handle: @candelladelis03

Country of Origin: Mozambique

Organization Name: KHULIBWA-Sabores fumados

Organization Website: https: //saboresfumados.wordpress.com/

Brief Description of Organization:

My organization has developed a scientific and well documented process, which guarantees the quality of smoked chicken in quality packaging to the consuming public. Product is marketed as a typically traditional Mozambican brand.

The organization purchases adult chickens from especially women organized in small associations.

The company members include a food technologist, marketing executive and Manager.

What inspired you to start this organization?

My passion, various entrepreneurial capacity building programs, my academic training as a veterinarian and in Food Science technology respectively have been inspiring.

It provided me an understanding the key value chains, while challenging me to develop a product with a commercial value proposition.

What is the next big step you hope to help your organization reach?

We see market entry and penetration as a major step, in order to expose the product to potential consumers.

Including, gaining a market economics of scale and mass customer base for smoked chicken products.

These steps would entail advertisement, market survey, promotion, sales, distribution, logistics, administration and marketing activities which would require material, human and financial investment as a vital step towards reaching the business objective.

What has been your biggest obstacle as an entrepreneur?

Not having a mentor at the start of my entrepreneurial career was a major challenge. Especially not having someone to brainstorm, provide orientation and input on taking the right decisions at the right time.

In spite of the many challenges which I have faced in my career as an entrepreneur, these situations have helped to shape the experience that I have today.

Mozambique came from a socialist background, thus the pool of experienced entrepreneurs, able and willing to mentor younger protégées’ is quite restricted .

What advice would you give other emerging entrepreneurs?

An entrepreneur must be visionary, persistent and not give up on their dreams.

They need to have a curious mind, a thirst for knowledge and information.

Using communications networks to learn how to develop ideas and inform themselves of global entrepreneurial trend.

Seeking out a mentor or coach who would assist develop their ideas, focus and provide inspiration. These could be individuals from various backgrounds, nationality and profession.

Create a routine for reading different books, sites, journals, blogs, websites, which provide insight into entrepreneurship at both national and international level.