When writers have nothing to say

Every high schooler has crushes but it’s not everyday your crush feels the same way. My sophomore year I developed a big crush on a boy named Joe. From previous experiences with past crushes, I didn’t expect anything to happen. I was shy, and always felt unnoticed. So things took a surprising turn when I found out he felt the same way about me. We started texting and saying “hi” in the hallways. I finally felt noticed. Knowing someone shy like myself could still draw some sort of attention was ground breaking. As we continued to talk I learned so much about Joe. He is funny, into music, and extremely kind. These qualities deepened my crush for him. On a normal day I would go up to the third floor to talk to my friends. I leaned against my locker and listened to one of my friends summarize their boring day. The conversation ended with. my friend shoving me in joes direction. He was across the hall, but I was still to scared to approach him face to face. My friend gave up with pushing me and I began to walk away. I walked through the nearly empty hall with my noisy jelly shoes. Each stomp was loud, and made me feel powerful. Before I could take my first step down the stairs I heard him yell my name from across the hall. He asked me a simple question that made my heart sink. Little did I know that we would still be dating to this day.