Welcome to the best asiatic music program. Today we have a boy who provoked great sensation in the youth a long with this group BTS. We begin.
1. What is your full name? 
My name is Min Mamjoon
2. What is your artistic name?
It is Rap monster.
3. What is your birth place? 
O was born on ilsan-gu, south korea.
4. What is your occupation?
Y al raper, dancer, composer, producer and model.
5. What message do you expect to people with their music ? 
I want people to get positive energy from our music. 
Life is hard and things do not always tur out well but we must be brave and carry on whith our lives.
No doubt BTS continues to show it’s popularity and have taken many memories of their stay in our continent after their visit to Chile, México,brazil, and the United states the boys prepare to continue with their concert tour asia where most of the dates at the moment are already exhausted congratulation to BTS, ARMY hoy have really done a good job congratulations.

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