Figuring It Out

In the beginning blogging feels like a big question mark. Who am I writing this for? Who is going to end up reading my work? Why am I doing it in the first place? I believe a lot of the concept from blogging comes from within the person that ends up being translated onto the webpage. For example, hurdling over all those unanswered questions automatically happens once you submit the blog for public eyes to read. The feeling of not drowning in your own thoughts or needing to release a feeling is where blogging ultimately originates from. You feel like sharing and so you do which is part of the reward of doing this. Blogging allows people to share thoughts, ideas, feelings about something advice or just knowledge in general. It becomes a challenge when you do not quite know how to take all those innovative thoughts or serious feelings and fully articulate them into words. Plus, since it is going on to the internet you must be careful of word choice to make sure you do not offend any kind of people. Blogging gives off a freeing sensation which is particularly ironic because you are also trapped by internet. Your words are linked to your name, so being precise with your words is especially important before submitting your voice to the public. However, I enjoy dabbling in controversial pieces that may be informational but leave you questioning your own train of thought.

Blogs that leave me up in the air I find quite intriguing because it forces me to think outside of the bubble in which we are all socially chained to. The topics of blogs I enjoy can vary from a plethora of topics including; politics, social issues, or touch on traveling or even funny stories if they are entertaining I can find myself going back to that writer for more blogs. I intend for people to hear my voice in my blogs. No matter the topic that I choose to write about I want people to know the thoughts all come from the same person, who just like everyone else, is just trying to figure it all out.

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