Summer-time Scandals or Summer-time Sadness?

At the beginning of every summer there are is normally a laundry list of things you want to accomplish before the break is over. Maybe, traveling or spending more time at the beach, or even trying to read a book because you want to not because you must and definitely earn some doe for your dry pockets. Those are all things you want to do with your time. What about the other stuff? Change your hair, get a new tattoo or a piercing, and possibly working on yourself. Those are things you might change about your appearance or who you think you are. Now why is it that during the summer people either have the best time of their life or realize that summer time is when you realize how lonely you are and figure out who is important to you?

Finding yourself when there is no one to string you along in the wrong direction, forcing you to find that direction on your own, that is what summer-time gives you an opportunity to do. Seeing you still wants to spend time with you when they no longer feel obligated to, they make a choice.

There used to be so many things to do when we were younger but as time went on and responsibilities grew larger the you begin to feel weight of the world. Figuring out who you are along the way brings all the more confusion. If there is one thing I can say it is that in the short week that I have been home catastrophe has struck my pot of gold and I have been once again held up by all that could possible confuse and create havoc in what was once a well thought-out summer plan. Before summer began I visualized myself on the beach with no worries and able to work enough that I could travel if I pleased. That is not to say that it can not happen there are just some things that require straightening out before I reach my full relaxation mode.

Just to give you insight into how my beach day was cut short; I was there for an hour, left in a hurry and then found out my reason for rushing was not even worthy of leaving the beauty of the beach so early. This turbulent back and forth is how my first week of summer has gone.

With my head held high I intend to give it a 360 and continue striving for reaching my goals, if there is a will, there is a way. I will devise a new plan in order all the things I am trying to achieve. Some people may have other priorities, like constantly having a good time, but that is where scandal can occur. Forgetting about all responsibilities can induce some serious issues. My summer will consist of everything I plan for and hopefully some more!

As I wash away the sadness and keep my head filled with positive thoughts I will soon be on the way to checking off my boxes on my summer-time laundry list!

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