There once was a time when one used to take things seriously on the internet however, times have changed. There was a switch that was flipped and now things are taken not so lightly, as a matter of fact everything posted online is taken with a grain of salt. Once it is posted out on the internet there is no turning back, especially because it has your name on it and can in some way, shape, or form come back to you. Anything you put on the internet that is connected to you represents you, who you are, what you are about, and what you are thinking on the inside. Whether you post a joke, or a picture or even tweet a few silly words, it would be wise to make sure there is not a possibility of offending anyone. For example, when reading about Justine Sacco it was evident that in her few tweets while traveling she clearly had a disposition towards certain types of people. Such strong preconceived and discriminatory remarks that her tweets were offensive and in the end, were ultimately the cause for her getting fired. In this case, there was a face put to the bigotry, but it is not like everywhere else. The article that spoke about the facelessness of the internet states, “Inability to see a face is, in the most direct way, inability to recognize shared humanity with another. In a metastudy of antisocial populations, the inability to sense the emotions on other people’s faces was a key correlation.” When putting things on the internet people are not directly feeling the emotions of those they may hurt and will not experience that emotion of empathy because they do not put a face to the emotion. Without physically seeing those who are words may affect, it is difficult to feel bad. In this same article, I thought it was interesting that in ancient Rome, “no man could be sentenced to death without first seeing his accuser.” I find this particularly intriguing because today people still go to trial and must point out the person they are accusing for the crime. While online people have no idea who one another is and yet can say such hateful and hurtful things about one another. Of course, people do not take it as seriously as they should but online threats and incriminating comments will always get back to you, only hurting your personal brand.

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