Wealth of Knowledge at The Wall Street Journal

When visiting The Wall Street Journal there were many things I found myself appreciating. For example, the plethora of coffee stations, (there really was an endless supply) the inviting and open yet busy environment, and the punctuality of their meetings, beginning and ending right on schedule. (It is true what they say, time is money.) Walking around If I had to choose two major things that I took away from this experience it would be how the audience affects all aspects of the paper and its many components and how important it is recognizing high risk in working with time sensitive information. When sitting in the editors meeting it was very evident that what the readers want, is what the readers get. If they are not so interested in foreign news, then that section will be trimmed for the next published paper, or if that particular story is a huge catch and the people cannot get enough of it, then it will be blown up and expanded. This is the time of thinking that is geared toward the audience, which makes sense but I believe people do not take enough time to actual let this sink in…the people control the paper. Yes, there are stories that may not interest everyone but the goal is to satisfy the needs of the majority of people. This includes the way The Wall Street Journal works with snapchat. They can see how long people spend on which snaps, this shows them the interest level of each topics. The audience is directly and indirectly the boss of the entire operation. Give the people what they want! Dealing with all this fast-flowing information it is important to recognize, who you are around, what they know, what they do not what, what can and cannot be shared. When dealing with time sensitive information one must be wary cautious of what they say and to whom they share this information. In the beginning of the editor’s meeting they told everyone to put their phones away because this information they were talking about had not been published yet, but would be soon. They did not want the pertinent information to leak before it formally came out. I found it intriguing that even while we were touring different parts of the building there were some areas where we could not take pictures because there was a fear of the possibility of an information leak. This was something that I realized people had to deal with everyday, they knew the secret before everyone else, and it was their job to keep it, mold it, perfect it all before sharing it. This trip was a truly amazing experience and I am grateful I was able to go and see a sneak peek of what I hope my life will entail sometime in the near future.

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