Introducing Bringing Nasty PAC

I don’t know about you, but I love a good superhero story. Superheroes are often reluctant to step into their power and accept their role as the person who has to fight for good.* It’s not until they realize that the people around them don’t stand a chance against the supervillains and that they need to at least try to defeat them. That’s where we’re at right now. WE — you and me — are the superheroes who are being called to step into our power and defeat the supervillains — misogyny, racism, ignorance, and lies.

In the 2016 presidential election, we saw that misogyny and racism are weaknesses that the right and foreign infiltrators exploited to influence the outcome of the election.

What that means is that misogyny and racism are matters of national security. We need to fight back and defend our country.

WE, the PEOPLE, have to rise up, using the framework we have and the resources we have and work within the system to change it. We have a two-fold job: 1) We have to confront and shut down racism and misogyny whenever and wherever we see it. “Ruin Thanksgiving.”** 2) We have to confront and correct false information whenever and wherever we see it.

That’s why a group of Democrats have decided to start a Super(hero) PAC dedicated to these two tasks. We will be focusing on key issues and key candidates that are important to marginalized people — women, people of color, immigrants, native people, LGBTQIA people, disabled and chronically ill people, the poor — and we will defend our candidates’ records and champion them. We will also seek to educate people about politics generally, on multiple fronts, using a variety of educational and social media tools.

We’re called Bringing Nasty PAC. Our founding board members are: Candice Aiston, JD, Attorney in Portland, OR; David Wojciechowski, MPP, Policy & Advocacy Professional in Washington, D.C.; and Laura Zlatos, MFA, Writer and Nonprofit Operations Assistant in Brooklyn, NY. Special shoutout to Liz Kersjes, MA, Marketing Professional in Chicago, IL, who has handled all of our branding and graphic design work.

We need your help. We have three ways that you can help us today: 1) SIGN UP for our email list. We will be updating you with calls to action, information, and requests for help via our list. 2) MONEY. You can donate to our PAC and help us to do the work that we need to do. 3) VOLUNTEER. We have a form for you to fill out if you want to volunteer. You can volunteer in many capacities and you can share resources with us. Have a fantastic source for fundraising? We need you! Have ideas for how to disseminate information? We need you! Want to help with research and writing? We need you! Are you great with interacting on social media? We need you!

We are working against BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and YEARS OF STRATEGY BUILDING. We’re David and they’re Goliath.

Republicans and foreign operatives have used right-wing media for years to mine data on what Americans were susceptible to and they used that information to implement a strategy that got Trump elected.

But we’re smarter, we’re better, and justice is on our side. Let’s implement a strategy together to fight them.

To our future,

Candice Aiston, CEO, Bringing Nasty PAC

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*Except for Wonder Woman, who knew from the time she was a child that she was born to fight for people who needed her help. It’s no coincidence that she was raised without patriarchy.

**If this is a quote that needs a source and you know it, feel free to let me know. I know that it was a woman of color who I heard it from, but can’t figure out where. UPDATE: Source is Twitter user @ashleyn1cole.