Smart Vehicle Interface

Brainstorming for user types

We have our users set to be eco-friendly hippies driving a hybrid car. The scenario our team decided is very specific and yet can be divided into different parts, which all have very high possibilities to occur in daily life.We believe if a smart vehicle interface would guide users to satisfy all needs in the scenario, it would be suitable for daily use. Therefore, we agreed on having the scenario as a hippie who is on their way to a coffee shop to meet with a friend, where they decide to go perform at a protest as a band. After the protest ends, the person drops everyone off and then go home. We designed a simple Springboard interface with GPS and music function. For the first part of the scenario, the GPS is able to find coffee shops nearby based on users’ location. GPS and music system is easy to operate. During the design process, we discussed how we would approach the GPS interface and function for when the person is dropping several people off. A question we want to explore more in the future is if it is necessary to design a special function for the GPS when users have several destinations and don’t have to get there in order. It would be helpful for dropping different people off and it also blends in with the carpool trend. We weren’t sure if it would be used on a daily basis so we didn’t include this function yet.

Presenting the design

I personally love this project because it is really simple to operate which is especially essential for drivers. Even if only two functions are provided, it will fulfill most daily use. It also includes the “find things nearby” function, which will be really helpful so that users won’t need to reach their phones for Yelp.

For basic functions, I think most vehicles have the system already, but I believe a good amount of them have more complicated ones. I know it is good to have more functions, but in the meantime, it could be distracting for the drivers. I don’t know if the technique that allows people to enter more than one destinations and then generate a shortest route currently exists or not. I think it will be very helpful for carpool drivers and especially Uber and Lift carpool drivers. It might not be the best interface for people with more needs.

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