Announcing the Tic Tech Talk podcast

Thank you to Jessica Wong for the great cover art.

I received my first iPod in 2005 and downloaded my first podcast in 2006. I still remember vividly running from the school bus so I could sync the newest episode of Buzz Out Loud onto my iPod Mini. It filled the void of in-depth technology conversations I couldn’t find that easily while in middle school.

Rob and I recording Episode 1: 6 months with the iPhone 6s in an empty classroom.

My love for this medium has not subsided which makes me incredibly excited to announce that I am co-hosting a new podcast called Tic Tech Talk with my buddy, Rob Russo. We will be discussing technology news, culture, reviews, and workflows and also incorporate our perspective as college students. We realized early on in our interactions that we have some fun and insightful conversations, and decided to put a microphone in the mix.

We have already recorded and uploaded three episodes and plan to do them weekly with topics in the pipeline including me taking an Android Sabbatical, interviews with special guests, and reviews / discussions of some of our new favorite gadgets. I hope you give it a listen and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

You can subscribe on iTunes, Pocketcasts, Overcast, RSS, or directly in your browser. We are totally new to this but are eager to learn and would love your feedback and questions on Twitter and through email.

Thanks for your time!