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To the people that know me closely, they know that when I buy and love a product, I enthusiastically love it with a burning intensity that makes me want to share it with every human being I encounter. To help curb those types of interactions, I wanted to share here some of my favorite recent purchases:

Honestly, I just wanted to show off my cable management
The chaos that lies within

Ikea Romma Cable management box — $10.00 — This was actually a nice surprise from my recent visit to Ikea. I was planning to purchase the smaller Kvissle cable management box to find that they had none in stock. I found this box in the lighting section and am thrilled to have it as a concession. It’s a simple solution to clean up the cables and power strips under your desk and is less than half the price of it’s brand name competitor.

Anker 6ft Lightning Cable 2pk. — $16.99 — In the theme of another practical cable based purchase, I cannot believe how long it took me to utilize these cables as a solution. I realized that I was using my Anker external battery often while sitting in my living room watching television. The outlets behind my couch are blocked off or too far reach with a standard 3ft. lightning cable. To solve this issue, I used some tack to secure a 5 port charger on a table sitting between the two couches and plugged in two of these Anker cables. It has done wonders for my family. Now anyone sitting in the living room can charge their iPhones and iPads as they watch television. Truthfully, I’m a slightly embarrassed that it took me this long to choose to do this.

One of the photos shot on my G7x Mark II and edited in Snapseed

Canon G7x Mark II — $699.99 — This is easily the most expensive and largest purchase on this list in part that it was actually a gift from my family for college graduation. I’ve realized now having owned a full size DSLR and a smaller Sony mirrorless model that I am a photographer that needs the smallest camera to have the motivation to carry it around with me. I remember quite clearly locking up my Sony Nex 3N in the hotel safe before another day of exploration in Osaka because I was tired of carrying around the weight. My iPhone sufficed as a travel camera but I wanted an upgrade in quality without having to worry about the weight. It felt like a millennium before this camera was in stock on Amazon but I’m so glad that I waited. I’m no expert in photography but the quality of the pictures I have taken with it has put a smile on my face. I’ve received numerous compliments from my recent Instagram posts as my followers have seen a noticeable upgrade in quality. The best camera is the one you have with you and I’m so glad to add the G7x Mark II to my EDC.

Although the wifi button cutout is somewhat misaligned, you’re still able to hit the button

Canon G7x Mark II leather case — $19.99 — This purchase almost took just as long as picking out the camera. I didn’t want a case that got in the way of me being able to quickly pull out the camera to catch a shot, but I also feared the camera getting scratched up in my purse. This is an off-brand leather case that contains a base piece that attaches to the bottom of the camera using the tripod mount and then attaches to the top using two buttons. It fits the camera well and provides that bump/scratch protection I desired without losing its portability. The case actually provides slightly better grip while holding the G7x and even has the cutout for you to access the wifi button. For under $50, it’s a no brainier for the camera.

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