“There’s an App for That”

As a millennial, I feel as though I am the target of virtually every app on the market, all of which promise to improve my life quickly and easily. In fact, one of the more difficult decisions I find myself facing is which part of my life I should focus on improving! Now, with graduate school coming to an end my career prospects are beginning to take center stage. Naturally, I find myself turning to technology to help sort out all my choices and give me a competitive edge. Luckily, there is no shortage of apps, blogs, websites, and forums which offer everything from career advice, to personal coaching, to adaptable personalized networking and goal planning. After hours of searching for the perfect trick to help layout my own goals, I came up with a list of the most interesting and helpful apps/blogs/services. Feel free to peruse them below and add anything that has helped you out too!

Pairing up with a human coach:
 Coach.me started as a free habit-tracker, but now can match you up with a personal coach (they also have a premium package for leadership development).
 Noomii has a life-coach directory. You put in what you are looking for, it will match you with a few compatible coaches, then you get a free consultation to decide if you like them.
43 Things is a community built around goal-setting and reinforcement. So no professional coaches, but support from other people trying to do similar goals.

Digital or “self-serve” coaching:
Remente is a digital coach that promises to help you find direction in life and achieve your goals.
Leader’s Edge is an AI coach that provides personalized assessments and goal-setting

Business- or career-specific coaching:
Home Careerwave combines 1-on-1 personal coaching and AI coaching
Blue Sky provides rapid assessment combined with in-the-moment feedback for your specific goals