How It All Begins: The Modeling Kit Process

Everything to know about our modeling kit in one tidy post

Okay, so — you’ve ordered your modeling kit — now what?

We’re here to get you up to speed on what you can expect, when you can expect it, and what’s going on behind the scenes.

Firstly, don’t delay: if you act fast, you can get your aligners in less than 4 weeks. And with us, you’re never alone — we’ll be in constant contact with you the entire time. Our customer service team will keep you posted on exactly where things stand.

Candid’s entire process has been designed with speed and low cost in mind. You’ve waited long enough for your perfect smile, so as far as shipping you your kit, we do it fast and free. When the Candid package arrives — the iridescent label is a dead giveaway — Christmas is here and you’ve just gotten the perfect gift from YOU to YOU. Inside you’ll find your Modeling Kit with the first steps towards the new you:

READ: Your quick-start guide lays out the impression-making process in clear, simple steps. And it has pictures. Lots of pictures.

PREP: Time to make the perfect first impression. Just kidding, we give you two chances to take impressions of your smile… and three, and four. You probably haven’t worked with putty since your Play-Doh days, so take a couple shots to get it right! All we need is one great impression of your top teeth and one of your bottom teeth to build your new smile, so don’t sweat it if your first one isn’t great.

SEND: Pack up your completed impressions and just drop them in the mail. That’s it. Oh, and return priority shipping is on us — starting to sense a pattern here? We take care of our people.

A few more notes on your Modeling Kit…

  • Yes, your Candid Modeling Kit packaging is beautiful. We suggest placing it prominently on your shelf next to your “SMILE MORE” neon light.
  • We know…Candid’s Modeling Kit IS really really ridiculously good-looking. But don’t let our blindingly gorgeous features distract you — send back your impressions within a week. The putty we send has an expiration period, so act fast.
  • We’ve created a video to help you nail your impressions. Check out and see how Candice does her impressions. And if you ever have questions or need some help, text us (844–295–6915)! We can even video-chat and take impressions together (we take care of our people, remember?).
  • We don’t call it a modeling kit for nothing (though our kits can turn left). As part of the process, you’ll send us a couple photos so our orthodontists can put a face to the name. These photos are kept confidential — but still…crack a smile :)

Once we gather your impressions, photos and a couple of other pieces of information, an orthodontist will review these materials and evaluate the specifics of your smile. Here’s the important part: Candid only works with orthodontists — that means your treatment provider doesn’t just moonlight as a tooth-mover, he or she has undergone years of extra training focused specifically on crafting straighter smiles. With that experience in hand, your orthodontist will tailor a personalized treatment plan in about one week. Because with what we do, one size does not fit all.

Now it’s time for the big reveal! There’s no need to guess what your new smile will look like — you’ll get a 3D sneak-peek illustrating the step-by-step progression towards your new smile.

Time for a quick recap: we’ve sent you the modeling kit, you’ve sent your impressions and photos, we’ve sent you a sweet 3D digital model, you’re geeking out about the new you. Next up? Time to align! After submitting payment, it‘ll take us 2–3 weeks to 3D print your custom aligners. As soon as your aligners are ready, we’ll send you the final step: the Maker Kit. But we don’t just send your aligners. Remember that whole Christmas morning thing? We’re including free premium whitening treatment. Now that’s chic.

Fast forward a few months and we’ll send you a free set of retainers after your last tray so you can maintain your new forever smile. Ya dig?

Take a deep breath, maybe perform a vinyasa… as little as 5 months and you’re all smiles.