“my favorite band hit the mainstream, wah.”
Serious BS

I would argue that music is quite different because of the lack of measurable consequences. You might not like that your favourite local indie-electro duo got featured in an Apple commercial, but it only affects your personal enjoyment and not the music itself. On the whole, sharing music does not change it or diminish its quality and there are some real positive outcomes in that success. I think the small costs (increased ticket prices, your own decreased social capital) are easily offset by the positive outcomes, including but not limited to the fact that the m(b)illionth listener of an artist could easily enjoy the music just as much as the first, consequence-free.

On the other hand, whether the consequences are good or bad, economists (see: tragedy of the commons) and ecologists agree that our overuse of public space has a measurable impact, and future generations may have to pay more than their share of the price (see: negative externalities). I’m not arguing for privatization or even increased secrecy, but it might befit all instagrammers to just take a moment and consider whether their reasons for geotagging a beautiful spot are really worth any cost at all.