I think that you’re right about what evangelicalism demands.
Peter Thurley

I believe you’ve further elaborated on the way you feel, however, I’m still puzzled as to why you feel you must necessarily exclude yourself on that basis. Perhaps it’s the definition of Evangelical that we’re trading on. I would consider two prominent Christian voices, Michael Brown and William Craig, as both Evangelical despite the fact that one is charismatic and the other an Evidentialist Arminian. Others, James White specifically, would feel comfortable joining arms with them in defense of many doctrines (trinity, biblical inerrancy) while disagreeing on others (soteriology). Progressive evangelicals, I believe, are excluded more likely on the basis of issues outside the bounds of collegial disagreement (i.e. same-sex marriage, ordination of practicing homosexuals) rather than issues like presuppositional vs. evidential apologetics.

All this to say, if you believe your disagreement on certain Evangelical qualifiers, such as apologetic, creation, and soteriological issues, means you must disassociate yourself, I would urge you to reconsider.

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