The Most Favorite Choice of Youngster Entrepreneurs in Indonesia: FnB Business

Food and Beverages business is the most favorite choice of the first time entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Most of the youngsters think it’s fun and easy. But it’s not. In fact it’s one of the hardest business I know. It’s crazy and intense, it’s a total focus both on product and service. If your foods are delicious but the serving time is too long, people will get mad. If you serve fast but the taste of your foods not so good, people will never come back. Also don’t forget one thing: now when people are disappointed, not only they won’t come back, they also gonna spread all the bad things on their social media. And did I mention that in FnB business, all your inventory can go to zero even when you don’t make any sale?

Some people think they can just hire a consultant and suddenly they become restaurateur or cafe owner. Let’s face one fact about FnB consultants: Most of them don’t have their own cafe or restaurant. Have you ever asked them why? Because consulting is always easier than real execution or owning a restaurant.

In FnB business when everybody is having holiday and fun (high season), you are doing the hardest work. It’s full of pressure. You are anything your business needs you to be at any time. Sounds not so fun now rite? But if you are a true hustler, ready to learn, have passion and patient, maybe FnB business is really for you. Final words: Get yourself an experienced partner, put the hard work, and enjoy the journey. I wish you good luck!

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