The next mean thing in drone industry — DJI Matrice

Are you a professional aerial photographer looking to upgrade your machine to give your skills a much needed boost? If yes, then count on the mighty DJI Matrice which has been purposefully designed for professional aerial photography and industrial applications. The most significant thing about this machine is that it is manufactured to closely integrate with a range of superb DJI technologies, such as A3 flight controller, Lightbridge 2 transmission system, and a Battery Management system for optimum performance and speedy setup.

If you’re knowledgeable of drone setup, it would not be difficult for you to set up this machine — only taking a few minutes. Its excellent dust proof propulsion mechanism makes maintenance feasible and actively cooled motors set ground for easy flying during extended periods of time. All Zenmuse cameras and gimbals are natively compatible, and a maximum payload of 6 kg allows it to fly the Ronin-MX gimbal and a range of cameras from Micro Four Thirds systems to the RED Epic.

When it comes to precision, DJI Matrice M600 tops the chart with its sine-wave controlled, intelligent ECS. It ensures the machine stays firm, safe and efficient while A3’s self-adaptive flight systems regulate flight parameters automatically based on various payloads. The A3 can be improved with two additional GNSS and IMU units to A3 Pro or with D-RTK GNSS for better accuracy.

Very few people know that this flying machine boasts an extended flight range up to 5 km. its ultra-low latency HD image transmission ensures precise image composition and capture. It you wish to take it along, it is better to use small DJI intelligent batteries that allow for easy transportation. Itstailored battery management system and power distribution board permits all six batteries to be turned on with one button press, and keeps the system in flight in the event of a failure of a single battery, and enables users to read the battery status in real-time during flight.

If you have UAV certification in Canada, this is the machine that can give you muscles for the job. With it, you would never feel the loss of energy while capturing the most stunning shots in still as well as video. It is fast, smart, effective, and most importantly precisely designed to let the users do whatever they want in the most sturdy conditions. Go for it without giving it a second thought

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