Individual approach. Michael— an android developer.

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We continue our series of posts about individual letters to candidates. Why is all this necessary? You can read here. Last time, we analyzed the profile of Roman who is a C# developer. Today we will try to analyze the profile of the android developer.

So, Michael is an android developer. Main tags: android / java / kotlin.

1. Experience

Most of his activity is devoted to the development of applications for Android. Since 201, he has been working on Upwork, a platform for freelancers. In 2018, he took educational courses at Udemy, an online learning platform. Since 2019 he has been working as an android developer in the publishing house Committee

2. Activity on GitHub

This is what his Github profile looks like.

What we immediately pay attention to:

  1. He has a lot of activity (the green squares, below we will look in more detail). During the year he performed more than 1000 different actions. Moreover, most of this activity is (86%) writing commits. Unfortunately, most of his commits are made to private projects, so we won’t be able to view them. What is a commit? Just like a house consists of many small bricks, any project on GitHub consists of many commits. In other words, each commit is, in fact, a small sign of the developer’s work on the project. Every day, while performing various tasks, he makes commits. By analyzing the commits we can see the history of this project, how it developed, what functionality was implemented at the very beginning, and what was added later. I think that’s enough about commits.
  2. He has 9 opensource projects and 263 stars. The number of stars shows the reaction of other developers to Mikhail’s projects. 263 stars is a lot. It will be interesting to see which of his projects received so many stars.

2.1 Activity Scale.

Let’s take a closer look at his activity scale. On this scale, we have 365 squares, the number of days in a year. Each square is one day. If the square is green, it means that Mikhail was doing something that day. If it is gray, he rested. More than half of the squares-green; there’s a lot of activity. Let’s see, for the sake of interest, what days he didn’t work (gray squares):

  1. The First Strip. Most of the squares here are gray. Guess what day the squares on this strip fall on? That’s right, Sunday. Weekends are designed to relax :)
  2. In January, we have one column consisting of only gray squares. This is New Year’s Holiday. I hope he spent this time very actively :)

2.2 Programming Languages and Technology Stack.

He has been writing in Java since 2014, and the peak of activity is in 2017. During that year he made 755 commits. Then from 2018 and 2019 there is a sharp decline. Apparently, he started actively participating in closed projects.

In Java, we see a stack of technologies that is typical for android development: retrofit (http client for android applications), dividers (graphical element for UI in android applications), picasso (library for uploading images), realm (database for mobile platforms), and others.

Mikhail also writes on Kotlin. Here, too, we see a stack of technologies that is typical for android development. ChipsLayoutManager and GestureViews are graphical elements for the UI in android apps.

3. Github Projects

Now let’s look at the list of his opensource projects.

Three projects immediately catch your eye: Moviemade (720 commits and 48 stars), YouShows (700 commits and 15 stars) and BottomSheet (380 commits and 193 stars). Let’s look at them in more detail.

3.1 The Moviemade Project.

This is an android app for searching popular movies. The project is written in Kotlin. In total, he worked on the project for 11 months (starting in 2017). The main work was carried out at the end of 2018. The app allows you to search and view movies. Movies are searched through the themoviedb database, and playback is performed via AndroidYouTubePlayer. The app is published in PlayMarket.

On the github page, you can view screenshots of the app and even support the development of the project via Paypal.

3.2 YouShows Project

This is also an android app that allows you to track your favorite TV shows, but it is written entirely in Java. Technology stack: Retrofit / RxJava / Picasso / Gson / Dividers / Realm. The app is published in PlayMarket.

3.3 The BottomSheet Project.

This is a library for android apps. The library allows you to add pop-up windows with additional functionality in applications. The project is written in Java and has more than 190 stars. This is a sign that the library has turned out to be useful and other developers are actively using it in their applications.

In total, what we got:

  1. Four years of developing android applications on the Upwork platform and, since 2019, he has been working in the ID Committee team.
  2. In 2017, he actively worked on opensource android applications. Moviemade and YouShows are apps for watching movies and TV series. Written in Java / Kotlin. The apps are available in PlayMarket + videos on youtube.
  3. Also 2017 he actively worked on the project BottomSheet-android widget, a context menu for applications based on material design. The project has more than 190 stars. Currently, the project is not being worked on.
  4. Very actively involved in development on GitHub. In 2017 they were opensource projects, but in the last years they were mostly private projects.

Analysis of the profile allowed us to find out a little more information about him: what projects he did and what technology stack he used. This, in turn, helps us understand how relevant our job might be to him. And if we do decide to get in touch with him, we will already know how to properly build communication.

That’s all for today:) Always try to find an individual approach to candidates. Subscribe to our LinkedIn page. Here we post interesting articles, useful life hacks and platform news.




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