Autumn is a very nice season.Getting the chance to see the green to yellow then red.

Nice day or raining,its very different.When the sun is high & the weather is perfect,all you can see is the bright leaves & trees.On the other hand,when its raining,the colors tends to color stronger.

Autumn watching is one traditional way to enjoy it.Day or night.Personally speaking,i love them both.Just imagine yourself going for a hiking or trekking.For sure,you will be fascinated by what your going to see especially if its unexpected.

Never got bored of it.As a matter of fact,I chase it nationwide because the blending of the colors is totally different from the north up to the south.Since winter is going so fast,Im taking advantage of the colors while it last.Well,there is next year though but the feeling & emotions are totally different every year.

Time to stay warm & just cherish mother nature gave to us.Next year again.

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