Every Artist has a voice & should be heard……

NOTE: This article is my experience & side of my story about the Tokyo International Art Fair & the Global Art Agency which is based in UK & I dont have any relation to them.

What the meaning of an Artist?

As our dictionary defies is:

  1. One,such as a painter,sculptor or writer,who is able by virtue of imagination & talent or skill to create works of value especially fine arts.
  2. A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill.just like photographers.
  3. One,such as an actor or singer who works in the performing arts such as ballerinas,musicians.
  4. One who is adopt at an activity,especially one involving trickery or deceit.

Good we have a dictionary to defy what it is & here is my story.

For the past 3 years seeing & knowing artists from all the world is an honor & a chance of a lifetime because their is this Tokyo International Art Fair by GAA.Since,I’m living in Japan,I saw alot of Art Fair,Photography exhibition that will just blow out your minds.

As everybody knows,Japan is the center of fashion,technology & for aspiring artists too.A country full of inspiration but a huge hurdle to handle too.A land of inspiration not expectations.

As for my story for the TIAF,seeing it grow means alot.The 1st & the 2nd year was totally cool.No artists felt they are alone nor being attended too because of ME.I wasnt working for them nor an agent for the said agency but being an artist too,I know how it feels when something isnt right nor being heard.

By the 2nd year of the Artfair,some artist had already problems & who do you think helped out,ME.Yes,its always ME.NO staff of the agency is avialable for the artists needs & complaints.

This year was even worst.Being in an Art Fair is a huge investment already.Aside bringing your work,having a hotel & a ticket just to get here will cost you alot.Of course,you want to be satisfied & expect something but in reality,Its not way it is.

I never volunteer my myself to be a staff nor an agent but who do you think did all the work,from translations,floor manager,organizing & hearing complains from the artists,ME.They thought I was working with the agency since they cant be seen.It hurts hearing all complains but what can I do.Im not a part of them nor Im not being payed for my hard work & even I have to insist for a commission for my introduced artists.Every artists saw & witnessed how I worked but in return,I got nothing.

This year’s place for the Art Fair was not that good.Artists are expecting people to show up or even just have a look for their art work.But No.They promised you heaven & earth & with thier sweet business talk.

For your info,Im writing this article in behalf of all artists who was by the Art Fair in Shibuya Hikarie.Also every artists should be heard.

  1. Proper treatment
  2. Free drinks
  3. More advertisements
  4. And more

These are just some of the things they want especially the professionalism of being an International Art Agency.Artists just want the worth of what they paid & for Me too.

As everybody said the 3rd Tokyo International Art Fair is the worst art fair they had attended & their is a huge possibility that they will not go back through this agency.Its not about bad mouthing,just revealing the truth.

As my friend said,Karma is a bitch & I agree on that.

For you Global Art Agency,I think,its time to review your own pros & cons.Give the artists the proper treatment with professionalism & concise.Your going to loose if you dont listen nor act.Your lost,our win.Consider this a serious matter.

And for all artists consider,Who knows?! There are more Art Fair better than this.So cheer up & will you all again in Tokyo,Japan.

Im writing this by own risk.Again,its my experience & my story.Arigatou.


The main hall of the Art Fair by Shibuya Hikarie

Thank you for reading.

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