Narita Temple/Shrine,Chiba

Located outside of Tokyo.Chiba Prefecture is also near Narita International Airport(NRT),thats why the temple got its name.

Narita San or Temple/Shrine is one of those biggest & famous places to go.Seasonally,they held events per events which attracts alot of people locally & foreigners who are temple lover.Just look at the unique & colorful facade.It a fact that catches your eyes.

Past years,they held a Taiko Festival which includes 800 taiko drummer groups nationwide.The theme was for Hope & Peace that time & im honored to witness the powerful performance of the drummers.You wont get bored either.

Also,every New Year,Narita San is one of the most visited temple/shrine on the first day of the year.Especially to the old folks.They believe that the temple/shrine is a power spot for the elders but not even that.It also been rumored to a special temple/shrine to visit.

Its not far by the city of Tokyo.Either you take a train,car or a city bus tour.your visit is worth it.

Looking through an eye of a quarter like living in Japan,this temple/shrine brings something special to the people who visited it.Their lucky charms is the most common souvenir.For health,education,blessings & other related matters.

If you ever had a chance to come here,try to make a visit to the temple for good blessings & for those temple enthusiast,this is for you.

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Huge thanx to everybody for your support.

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