Shinjuku Q Court

A very nice place to chillin & at the sametime enjoying the view.

This by Shinjuku Q court by Tokyo.Known for its peaceful place & not just coffee but also the itself.

The court is by the roof top of Marui Department store in Shinjuku.This is the view by the morning time until sun down.Just being there & having a breaktime from your shopping spree is worth of.From my experience,Never get bored nor had a dull moment since the place is so beautiful.Believe it or not,its by the 3rd busiet city in Tokyo.The look of it by night time makes it more exciting.

From sun down till next time & by the Illumination makes more of the spark of the park.Its simply beautiful & yet amazing.So next time,thinking having a coffee break,take time to go by Shinjuku Q Court,Tokyo by Marui Department store rooftop & enjoy your coffee,relax time & the view too.Its worth it.

From my files of my facebook,

Arigatou xx

Candy Javier Sakai

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