No colors needed

Sometimes you dont need colors to prove something s beautiful.As a passionate photographer,I love black & white shots.It depends how you use it & the theme.Its the timing & its on the EYE who is taking the shot.Dont blame it to the camera or to your phones.Timing & your subject.

As everybody knows that Japan is a country of temples,shrines,mountains,fashions & such more beautiful stuff.

Why the temple?

Its the only place I can be at peace,have my own serenity,calmness & self meditation.Its not the religious side I’m referring too but more on the personal.You dont have to go to those tourist spots for these(optional).There are “hidden” temples to explore more or just being an ethusiast will be exciting.You dont need to be a Buddhist to go.All you need is to respect & pay attention for the various rules which are implied by temples here.

Like my various post about temples,there are too many. & popular ones that you can visit.Just dont forget about their rules & please try to respect.there is a saying here that,when your visiting a temple/shrine,Your wish or prayers can come true.You just have to have faith & believe in it.

So next time,having difficulties in life or just wanting a serene time,pay visit temple/shrines near your staying.It might help you in some ways.

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