Tokyo Sky Tree

The 2nd tallest tower in Tokyo,the 7th tallest tower in the world.

Sky tree is the second after Tokyo Tower.It drives thousands of visitors locally & internationally.Its located by Ueno which already close to Sensoji Temple.It is connected by the Sumida River & bridge.

The spot is so famous during the spring & summer season but most of all year round.

As you climb the tower by the 2nd floor,you can see a 360 degree panoramic view of Tokyo especially by night time.You can also go to the main top roof & enjoy the view which is phenomenal & amazing.This tower wont get you bored.There are restaurant,souvenir shops & even a cafe lounge by the top to relax.I much prefer by night.The colors changed oftenly with such theme & meaning too.

I myself is a big fan of the tower.If you want an experience worthwhile,well you have to pay for the entrance fee but its worth it.

Next time,when you visit Tokyo,make a stop by this tower & will guarantee you its worth it.

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