“_________ is most compelling when it’s total fantasy.”

1 Hard Fact and 1 Hard Map of New York

(Original Quote: ‘Tyra-land is most compelling when it’s total fantasy’ by Adrienne Raphel, America’s Next Top Instagram Celebrity — The Atlantic, 5 Aug, 2015)

Glamorous Show

Tyra Bank’s <<America’s Next Top Model>> is starting its Cycle 22 today and<<The Apprentice>> will be on hold for Donald Trump is trying his best to be hired as President. The season-after-season reality show form my very first impression of this Big Apple: Glamorous with infinite possibilities; not to mention the assertive effects by the shot-in-new-york hot superheros movies of Spiderman, Batman…

Dragon Boat Festival

Then I landed the New York City for the first time to take up the internship position with the largest multicultural event organizer — Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York (This weekend will mark the event’s 25th anniversary). The gorgeous team I spent my summer with made me so much a people-loving, event-loving person today. At the same time, the yellow cab, the green lung, and the blue statue in the found-out-not-so-big apple did not fail, of course, to surprise me or any first-time visitor, and definitely keep fueling my dreams in life.

The Reality (Show)

Coming is the third time I visit the metropolitan, part for business, part for leisure. Engaging in more discussions on city sustainability, I now travelled to a place with more research, not mainly on where to go and eat, but what is actually going on in the city.

1 HARD FACT you do not want to know

Manhattan has only 2.3% of for-sale homes affordable to the middle class.

You know how one can afford to live in Chelsea (Midtown Manhattan) by reading the article by Mireya Navarro: ‘As New York Rents Soar, Public Housing Becomes Lifelong Refuge’ (The New York Times, 3 Aug, 2015)

A family must earn less than the threshold to get an apartment but does not have to leave if it begins earning more. And in fact, New York’s and other housing authorities have encouraged those families to stay, saying they are positive role models and keep the projects from becoming isolated pockets of poverty.’

Alternative: Read the Facebook Page Millennials of New York created by Elite Daily in May if you’re curious what it feels like to pay $1,200 a month to live in an apartment with four other people.

(See abstract: ‘Humans Of New York’ Is A Lot Less Inspirational With Millennials)

If you know Hong Kong hold the title of the world’s most unaffordable housing for the fifth year, you are not surprised why every of us are particularly sensitive and obsessive to housing discussions. It has always been affecting our career, marriage, family building, every aspects of LIFE…

1 HARD MAP you do not want to use

“The total trip comes out to ‘4.5 hours of walking’ where ‘you’ll hit major sights like Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and more.’” — Randy Olyson

Map: Randal Olson Source: One Man Calculated The Ultimate NYC Walking Tour

Cycling and Walking are always my favorite ways of seeing a city and they are indeed the most environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable of all transport modes. I understand the 14 miles walk is not for everyone, but this is the best optimized NYC walking tour I am too keen to share with you. It has included the top 27 attractions recommended by TripAdvisor, which is basically all you need to see for New York. You gotta trust Randy Olsonthe, the PhD candidate who designed as well the best way to road trip the United States and Europe in the shortest amount of time.

So now you know _________ is most compelling when it’s total fantasy.