A frightening experience I went through. It’s not a made up story.

She stood there, waiting.

It was a really traumatising experience to go through. It happened a several times afterwards but the first ever experience was the most frightening. Probably because I was new to it and didn’t know that anyone could face something like this in real life. This happened when I was in high school.

It was a tiring day at school and I had been waiting to get to bed. I was so tired that I didn’t realise when I drifted off to sleep. I remember having a dream about something happening at school and I slowly woke up from the dream. I opened my eyes and to my horror it wasn’t just me in the room.

A girl stood near my bed staring at me. She was so pale, almost white with long hair with bangs at the front which covered most of her face. The most horrifying part of it all was that she didn’t have eyes. I just remember it being hollow and dark, she had eyeliner dripping down her face as though she had been crying. Her head was tilted as though her neck was broken. She just stood there, staring at me.

I didn’t know what to do or how to react. It felt like my body was frozen, I couldn’t move or scream. I tried as hard as I could to scream but I couldn’t. My throat was dry and my heart was pounding. My chest felt heavy like there’s something pressing down on me. I couldn’t move, my entire body was paralysed.I felt so weak and helpless. I had reached a point where all I could do was wait for it to go away but it didn’t. It just wouldn’t go away. At this point, I felt like it’s getting closer and closer. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

It felt like my heart was gonna explode and then I was finally free. I got up and looked around and it was gone. I was panting, I was almost out of breath. I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened, I was so clueless. I sat there questioning myself and I clearly couldn’t go back to sleep. I couldn’t sleep for a few weeks after this had happened.

I decided to do some research on this because it didn’t seem like a normal nightmare. I wasn’t asleep I was almost awake I had just woken up from a dream. How could that just be a nightmare? I had a lot of questions in my head. After some research I found out that what I went through was called ‘sleep paralysis’. I wasn’t aware of this phenomenon until I experienced it. For those of you who don’t know what that is,

Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or awakening.
Some people also believe that it’s a demonic visitation.

It was probably because of sleep deprivation or a demon just wanted to stop by and say hi. But either way it was the most traumatising experience that I had gone through. It really did scare the shit out of me. That night, I had almost thought that that was the end of me. It did happen a several times afterwards but it wasn’t as intense as my first experience. Everyone would go through this at least once in their lifetime. So if you haven’t had it yet, your turn’s coming up soon.