An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Dear Talia you might be under circumstances that nobody knows and you might even needing help.

But while some of your readers or a great part of have empathy for your situation I’m one one of those that hasn’t for a few very simple reasons!

1) Making your problem public and so “open” wasn’t one of the smartest ideas. This kind of issues you have to deal with your boss on private. Complaining about your situation like it was the company faults don’t takes you to anywhere and guess what: you got just fired!!!! Is not polite and even a good image to yourself as an employee.

2) You made the choices and even if you’re in a so called rights, this don’t makes you a victim, you chose living in a expensive area and have a car and even if is of your grandpa cost money, you chose to have a credit card. You chose this job and you accepted to work there! If you was unhappy with your income, you had two alternatives: one I’ve already mentioned above and the second change your job!

3) You victimize yourself without really thinking about people that even got the chance of having a job. And the worst they give you an opportunity in where you have to pass only one year to get what you wanted and you simple throw away with your open CEO’s letter.

I mean what is your problem girl? Really your 25 years olds??? Grow up girl ! The life it’s not easy like the movies. Sometimes we start from below to go on a level up

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