Do You Really Need Internet Filtering Software for Mac?

The Internet consists of numerous websites. Without internet filters, there is no way for you to find out which sites your kids are using. Whether you need it to protect your family or for business purpose, Internet filtering is such a big help. For family use, parents can easily monitor which sites their kids are trying to access. But apart from personal use, it is also used by business enterprises.

Is there really a need to install such software for your business? Given that there are lots of websites.

Monitor Internet Activities for Inappropriate Content

Employees even during work hours may tend to access any website they wish to open and this poses potential problems. Whenever they open websites, there are certain pieces of information/data that can be transferred and the company might be held liable. Having an internet filtering software in place, you can avoid this problem. Any copyrighted material as well as pornographic site is blocked.

Increases over-all employee productivity

In as much as you want to give your 100% confidence and trust to your employees that they will do their work during work hours, it is actually quite different on the contrary. There are instances where your employees may access websites that are not related to their job or worse even access the net for their personal use even during working hours. Eventually, such behavior and actions will negatively affect productivity. By installing a web filtering solution, your employees are much careful as to how they use the net and how they spend time at work. In the long run, this can effectively boost their over-all productivity which is definitely an integral part of your business.

How Does Filtering Software Work?

Some may wonder; how does filtering software work? Filter companies categorize websites and even specific webpages. Specific websites that fall under bad categories are blocked. Blacklisting such sites only means that these sites are not allowed to be accessed in the corporate system. For instance, business firms would block Facebook and other social media sites for the simple reason that employees are often distracted chatting with friends and browsing photos. Business firms would also block gaming sites, pornographic sites, etc. Blacklisted websites can be configured by the administrator manually or a filter service you are subscribed to.

Installing the Best Filtering Software

When it comes to find the best filtering software for Mac, you would not want to take chances. You want to find a web filtering solution that allows you to monitor the activities of your employees on Mac computers and to send them email notifications right away when there are detected inappropriate activities.

Looking for Internet filtering software that operates in stealth for the best results? EaseMon might just be the perfect solution for you. It is an employee monitoring system that will track and record online activities including chat logs, emails and web history among many others.

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