This trip was a blessing. Thank you, Thomas.

I’ve had a real problem saying thank you in the past few years. It’s been disgusting really. How selfish I’ve been — while at the same time preaching generosity to others around me.

It says a lot of you if you cannot express thankfulness to people around you — to be so focused inward on yourself and your problems, your scarity — that you see a kind act as an assault on your competence and value. It’s selfish, and that means you’re lacking a key component in being able to touch or reach anyone in your life — LOVE.

LOVE. It’s a attitude, an act, a lifestyle. A life dominated by love is one that is constantly giving to others around him/her. Gratitude, thankfulness, is one of those things to give. In love we understand that everything is precious, that it is a gift. The time with family members, coffee with a long time friend, drinks after work with someone who speaks to us; these are all gifts. We own nothing. We should be grateful for it all.

Each one of us is built by the people we surround ourselves with, we NEED community, we ARE community.

And when we are showing gratitude for these people, and these ways that they color and empower our lives we are only hurting ourselves. Effectively cutting ourselves off from community, electing to move to our own little island of selfishness. Even that is an illusion though, as we are never, ever an island in life. Every little action we take ripples to those around us. The good and the bad.

You’re where you are right now because of someone else, in some way.

Go thank them, be grateful for them.

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