I watched something beautiful happen tonight. A man I respect greatly posted a short little video challenging everyone to take the right action in their lives right now. He called us out. Stop complaining and lamenting and actually DO. Amidst the flurry of examples that related to business and success was a few words that eluded to reconnecting to those people in our lives that we have lost touch with. It was simple and quick. Not an afterthought, but not anything that was expanded upon or pushed hard.

But the human heart took over.

First one comment

And then more and more

People committing to contacting dads, moms, sisters, brothers and every other conceivable relationship that most of us have from an early age. Five years, ten years, months, days — all these different lengths of time since these relationships had had any type of communication.

It was a call to love. Love is the foundation for everything that was being said in the video and in the comments. While it was very obvious these people where compelled to show love to another reaching out to them to reignite a relationship, these actions also serve as loving ones self. Telling yourself “I love myself, and because I love myself I know my worth, and because I know my worth I have standards for what I will and will not accept or allow in my life.” These people professed they are now choosing to love themselves enough to not have subpar communication with someone that is important to them in their heart.

LOVE grew outwards as people reached out to others

LOVE grew inside as people took these actions as a line in the sand — “I will no longer accept the poor state of these relationships

HEART came to the surface because some of these interactions had been a long time coming and no longer did these people want to deny that feeling they’ve had

We all have a story to write. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us our story will be something beautiful to read

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