Announcing the launch of Canelo — The New Digital Publisher

Canelo is a new digital publishing company co-founded by Iain Millar, Michael Bhaskar and Nick Barreto. The venture will publish engaging fiction and non-fiction as ebooks, apps and on the web.

Canelo aims to lead the next generation of digital publishing. Working closely with writers, readers, developers and other partners we will bring great stories to new audiences. We believe that the intelligent and sensitive use of technology makes publishing more effective, more imaginative, and more rewarding for everyone involved. Canelo wants to hear from innovative authors, agents and publishers who want to fulfil their potential in the digital age.

Expect more announcements about our plans — and what makes us different — in the coming months.

The founders have worked for Profile Books, Pan Macmillan, Hachette, Quercus and Bloomsbury, among others, on award-winning campaigns, industry-leading digital projects and major ebook bestsellers.

Iain Millar said ‘I’m hugely excited to announce the launch of Canelo, and to be working with Michael and Nick, undoubtedly two of the brightest talents in British publishing. We first met as trade publishing was getting to grips with the ebook revolution. Now we’re here to prove that the industry can change further, and that the market for digital reading can continue to grow.’

Nick Barreto said ‘We are building a truly 21st century publisher, with the tools and agility needed to explore new opportunities to the full. Now is when things get really exciting.’

Michael Bhaskar said ‘I’ve always loved technology and reading and while we’ve made some great strides in bringing them together, there is so much more to be done. That’s why we are founding Canelo. Everyone has talked about the future of publishing for years — it’s time we actually got on and made it happen.’

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