One Year On

Canelo started one year ago.

The company was founded because we thought digital publishing could be done better. That authors weren’t getting a fair deal. We wanted to do something about it and so started Canelo.

The focus has been on the books from day one. It’s our authors and their incredible stories and voices that matter. We published our first books on 13th July last year (the three pictured above) and have been hard at work publishing ever since.

We’ve been blown away by the books. Crime novels in Catalonia; adventures with Templars, special forces and Midwestern teenagers; thrillers in New York and Shenzhen; romances in the Welsh hills and Mediterranean islands; books about webinars, podcasts and the first sex change. We’ve re-introduced the world to the great language of Franglais and the extraordinary sagas of Grace Thompson. We watched as WW3 ignites into life, been chilled by strangers from the past and seen a whole new side to Sherlock Holmes.

Along the way we’ve had five category Kindle No.1s, Apple Books of the Week, New and Notables, millions of ad impressions on Facebook, coverage of our books everywhere from The Telegraph to BBC Radio, worked with some of the world’s finest designers, editors, marketers and publicists and learned about everything from designing a better royalty statement to the best aspect ratio for ebook covers.

We’ve come a long way from this early tweet but thanks to everyone for the support. And the best thing is all the books to come. There’ll be a few announcements over the next few weeks so watch this space. It’s genuinely exciting to be heading into Year 2 and we can’t wait to share all the brilliant books with the world.

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