“Life Deserves No-Counting”

Living is “variety”. Living is an uncomparable thing. Everyone tells stories about everything, everywhere and every kind of “life”. I once believed and still believe that nothing can be lived unless it can be dreamed. If one can dream anything, it must be “lived” by someone else in this world who is alive or dead and can be lived by one who will be born. This may seem such a silly suggestion for somebody to whom I tell but I am truly sure about what I am saying. So, being already lived or “will be” lived or being written of what you dream to “live” may come as a disgusting fact to us all, at first. No worries, it’s just sooo natural. Now, I have a short story (maybe I must call it as a suggestion) to write down here.

Every second of life consists of trillion and trillion and trillion and trillion reactions in the universe. We know this intrinsically. And we call “ a second” yeah, but universe doesn’t give a fuck of it! No real seconds count in a universal scale. We, humans created the value of time. And we know this too. There’s absolutely no value of time. Living a life is not counting seconds. We, humans narrowed the all meaning of “living” into a box that its size is only at a picometre level under the scale of the universe. We are creating a world that seems nothing more but a “seconds counting machine”. To be aware, we have to stay calm and look around: Are there any seconds out there? Any seconds that are capable of doing photosynthesis? Or capable of wearing a “hat” on its head? Or riding on an atom of oxygen and get inside to our lungs and out on a carbon dioxide? Cancelling the notion of “time” from our “most precious lives” is a bit of hard process. Because while we are entering into the wondrous and most(?) welcoming 21st (we counted it, yay) century, we’ve devoted ourselves to count everything! If we could do it physically by hand, we would already have started to count all the galaxies first, and then the stars and in the end(could it be the end?), all the subatomic particles that forms the total materials in the universe. Right? Wait, does it count? No, absoluuutely not (I know you counted three “u”s in the word, no, please). Do we see that if we thoroughly cancel “the counting mechanism” of our mind, all the system we’ve built for centuries, would definitely collapse. I didn’t say “in a second” at the end of my sentence. But you maybe think of it. So, let’s just don’t count anything! We all may try it for a week and see the changes in the world! Stop counting immediately!