The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

Oh my god, is this serious? Like, after calling us bullies, after saying “Lexa’s not lesbian, she’s just gay”, “Lexa was Clarke’s soulmate but Clarke wasn’t Lexa’s”, after countless retweets patting yourself on the back for such a great plot twist, after Shawna logging into a lesbian safe space on the internet to actually sell that no, no, the 100 is a progressive show we wouldn’t perpetuate such a thing, after an interview saying you would, in fact, do it all over again, that Clarke will have to suck it up her pain and countless — COUNTLESS — tweets, posts, retweets and whatnot to make us believe that you were better than that, you mean to tell me, to tell us, that it was never your intention?
I can’t believe how madder I still get everyday from all the lies you all told us, and still blatantly do! You don’t care about Clarke’s story, never did, she lost everything, keeps on losing and now she’s gotta suck it up? What? And Bellamy can lose it. Jasper can lose it. Jaha can lose it. But no, not Clarke. No, she has to suck it up.

We’re not only hurt and pissed off. We’re now with our eyes open, which, frankly, took us long enough. But we can’t support a show that treats it’s fans like you did and still do. With the way you treat your representation, with the way you treat your own actors. Took us long enough. We are hurt and we’re pissed off but mostly we’re tired, Jason. We’re tired of being used and have our backs stabbed and our heads shoved into the curb. We’re tired, man.

Honestly we could list and give you all the receipts from the baiting and the lying and the overall bullshit but we’re so damn tired.

So don’t go telling that you never meant to hurt us because yes, yes you did.