Crying Wolf

In January 1996 I had a phone conversation with my best friend, Megan, that went something like this:

Me: My mom had the baby! 
Megan: What? No she didn’t. 
Me: She did! Her name is Rachel!
Megan: I don’t believe you. 
Me: No she really did, I swear!

An atypical but completely warranted reaction. Because in the few weeks leading up to my youngest sister’s birth, I had prank called her to say that my mom had the baby when she really hadn’t. “I have a new sister!”…”Oh my god!”…”Just kidding!!” seemed to be a good idea to my 9 year old self. She was exasperated, as I’d done this more than once, but then teased me about it as we grew up. It all worked out; Nikki, Megan and I all gained a new little sister that year.

— AK

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