The way I tell it

is always this, with a smile:

We’re all 5 years apart.

Technically, this isn’t true and can’t be true if you’re spacing out three different people across a timeline, but there’s something tongue in cheek intentional about a 5 year system. An organized chaos. Some practical planning.

Turns out that wasn’t really the case.

Not that I’ve asked my parents this — that’s more up Rachel’s alley (there are no topics under the sun that she won’t fearlessly and cheekily broach with our parents) — but one of them told me. Them being my sisters. Anyway.

I always say it proudly without trying to be pretentious about it. But I might as well, because the fact that we span a decade but act like we’re 5 when we’re together — that’s a testament to our parents, our Filipino upbringing, all those family dinners, parties, and vacations every year…plus exchanging glances at the table when our parents think they got jokes. I love ’em.

— Nic

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