We are sisters

and these are our stories.

AK —Zumba instructor by day…or like, all day?


When I was little, I was mad at God for not making me a lion. For Crazy Hat Day in 3rd grade, I strung up toy teacups and plates around the entire brim of a Sunday hat and clanged my way through the school day. I could barely see.

Now I’m a middle school English teacher, writer, spiritual farmer girl woman, and learning how to throw a punch while perfecting my roundhouse kick. And I’m breaking rules (like parallel structure — see previous sentence).

Everything makes me sing and dance.

One day, I will teach sex ed to your children, and everyone will be okay.

My sisters are my favorite.

Rachel — She reads, but we never see her at it. We think she lies in the tub in the bathroom and locks herself in there with a book till she’s done.

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