The importance of testing

When a developer starts to work only has a thing on the mind, and is finish the product no matter what, I know because i thought in the same way, but a developer at the beginnnig does´nt think in an important factor to release the product, that is test the project.

Why is to important to test a project? With the points below I´m going to show you the importance of testing the product.

  • The QA Tester has a visión like an client and know how to develop a project.
    This means, that the QA tester knowing this 2 thinks can guide the developer to do what the client require, and does´nt stray away of the original idea.
  • The QA Tester must know if the product can compete in the market.
  • The QA Tester has to help in all the phases of building the product.
    This is necessary to reduce the “bugs” and increase quality of the product

The Quality of the product is not only the reponsability of the QA Tester, but with the previous points and a good comunication with the team, with all these is like a 100% of chances to release a competitive and good product.