Knowledge sharing with Gitbook platform.

Calvin Canh Tran
Jan 29, 2019 · 2 min read

I was looking around to find a suitable platform for note down all my knowledge, bugs, issues that I’m facing during the work. Some criteria that I concern

  • Easy to write and structure the contents (support markdown)
  • Fast access.
  • Version control for the article (my personal points since I will change the content frequently).

A clean and simple note, dynalist provides the way to organise ideas with bullet points. It’s very easy to take note immediately but very hard to structure the knowledge. Hence I have to login every time I want to view my notes.

Meets all my requirements, good to writing, structure the contents, easy to access. However readthedocs usually use for api documentation and the gui is a minus for me, despite there is a lot of themes out there.

A perfect match for me.

Image for post
Image for post
  • Article can be written in markdown format.
  • Easy to structure all the content with drag and drop from the page
  • Version control with github. I put all of my contents in github repo and synchronise with Gitbook.
  • Custom domain so that I can access anywhere and anytime I need without authentication.

Only a minus point, when I want to create new page, I have to do it via Gitbook first then synchronise to github, I cannot create a markdown file and push direct to repo.

Check out my knowledge page:

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