“Turkey’s ruling AKP proposes rapists be released from prison if they marry victims”


Turkey is currently being ruled and dominated by millions of primitive savages. These savages rape, they kill, they don’t produce, they only consume, they lie, they have absolutely no morality, they don’t read, they don’t develop, they don’t value reason-art-science. They don’t give a damn about anything besides their penis and their impotent god, thus they have no use on this planet whatsoever. I’m sick and tired of them, of their religion, of their god, of their illiteracy, of their ignorance, of their ferociousness.

Geographically Turkey is a beautiful country ! However it’s a pity that these primitive savages have settled here. I’m proud and lucky to have been born in Izmir, a city where mostly seculars live, where people are modern and civilised, where they enjoy life, respect each other and so on. However, these primitive savages hate our modern lifestyle and if they can get the chance they would get rid of us without a second thought. They hate the fact that we love and respect all kinds of life forms, they hate the fact that we drink, laugh, have casual sex without forcing each other to do so. They hate the fact that we read, develop, produce. They hate our intelligence and our intellect.

Such a shame that, billions of years of cosmic evolution of chemical elements has led to this stage where these despicable human beings run countries.

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