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There are many different ways to secure your home but the main source of home security comes from alarms. However, this is not the only thing you can do to protect your home, loved ones, and belongings. Buying an alarm system is both safe and effective but it will not always stop a burglar from breaking into your home. There are alternative means of home security that you can apply with or without an alarm. Some criminals today even know how to dismantle an alarm system making it useless.

Some alternative means of home security can be expensive but most of these tips are not. You need to judge for yourself how much security is needed for your home. If you would like to do something other than an alarm to deter thieves you might find a solution in lights.

A good alternative means of home security is to make the area around and on your house lit up. To do this you will have to purchase some sort of outside lights and set them up at different points around your property. Target areas such as doors and windows so the thief must expose himself in the light while trying to break in. This will provide a possibility of the criminal being seen by a neighbor or pedestrian, which in turn will call the authorities. This method can also deter thieves from even trying since it is too lighted of an area.

Having a dog that is wary of strangers can also be a plus in this situation. If you do not have a dog, you might want to think about purchasing one. They can be a great asset in protecting and warning you and your family of potential danger from a criminal. If you leave the dog outside at night with a long reaching chain this canine companion will naturally take on a guarding role barking at strangers that get to close. This might make the burglars change their minds. Especially if the dog will bite when a person enters his territory. You could also leave the dog inside in case the thief does make in and now will have to deal with a big angry ball of fur with teeth.

Thief’s will have a very hard time picking a lock an opening a door that is barricaded by a chair or some sort of door stop. You can use any sort of chair by leaning in its two back legs and propping the head of the chair underneath the doorknob. This will make it very difficult for the person on the other side trying to get it.

One of the best alternative means of home security is the purchase of a firearm to protect you, your family, and your home. Thieves have a hard time stealing things when bullets are flying at them. You can never be too safe if someone breaks into your home because you do not know their motives. They could be a cat burglar or a serial killer.

Making sure you lock all doors and windows at night and when you leave the house is something people forget easily. A lot of break-ins may not have happened if all doors and or windows were properly locked. There are many alternative means to home security and you can never be too careful.

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