On-demand workers

Wonolo, where we’re investors, provides its corporate customers an on-demand workforce for tasks that require a physical presence. Examples of such tasks include warehouse operations, merchandising, and event staffing.

In a recent blog post, Wonolo’s co-founder Yong Kim uses a personal anecdote about his uncle to illustrate the important worker need that on-demand companies fulfill. Although not all on-demand companies will be successful, Yong argues, and I agree, that the on-demand economy overall is here to stay.

The reason is that on-demand companies don’t just give consumers what they want. This is widely accepted. Equally important, they give workers what they need.

As a result, we need a new category of worker somewhere between an employee and an independent contractor to emerge. This is a topic I wrote about in an earlier post which Yong also puts forth in his post.

You can read Yong’s full post here.

Originally published at Thoughts of a VC.