Slowing down time

Sometimes you feel like life is passing by at a very fast pace and you want to slow it down. There are two ways to slow down time. More accurately, since time doesn’t actually objectively slow down, there are two ways to slow down your subjective perception of the passage of time.

The first is to do less. When you do less, you have more free time in which to think about the passage of time. This makes time pass more slowly.

While this approach works, it can lead to boredom and a feeling of missing out. Since we’re alive for a limited amount of time, most of us want to put that time to good use by being active rather than not doing much.

This is why I prefer the second approach. This consists of doing new activities that break the repetitive cycles of your daily life.

When you repeat the same activities over and over again each day, you get used to performing the activities without much active thought. You’re on autopilot and, as a result, time passes by quickly.

If instead you do new activities, or at least variations of your existing activities, you can’t do them on autopilot because you haven’t done them before. You need to actively think about what you’re doing. This immersion in the new activity slows down your perception of the passage of time.

Originally published at Thoughts of a VC.