Stowaway Don’t Throwaway

Our investment Stowaway Cosmetics is a direct-to-consumer right-sized cosmetics brand. While most cosmetics brands sell products in large packages in order to justify higher prices (this lets them achieve higher margins because the cost of the incremental fill is actually pretty low), Stowaway sells them in smaller packages which are designed to be finished and easier for women to carry around. This results in lower prices.

As a direct result of this strategy, Stowaway products are finished more frequently than those of other cosmetics brands. And this produces many empty packages.

In order to make sure that these empty packages don’t harm the environment, Stowaway recently launched its recycling program Stowaway Don’t Throwaway. You simply have to send your finished products back to Stowaway using their prepaid shipping label, and you get $5 in Stowaway credit for every 3 products you send.

Stowaway Don’t Throwaway helps the environment while also encouraging repeat customers. You can learn more about the program here.

Originally published at Thoughts of a VC.