Canlead: a smarter way to share and earn
Oct 19, 2018 · 1 min read

People often asked, “Why Canlead?”. The short answer is, “Canlead is an Opportunity-Sharing Platform that allows everyone to become a head-hunter or property-agent and earn commissions. We aim to disrupt the business service industry like how Uber and Airbnb disrupted the ‘ride-sharing’ and ‘accommodation-sharing’ industry.

Our vision is one day we all could become a head-hunter or property agent with just a smartphone and a crypto wallet. Unlike Airbnb or Uber where you would need to own a property or a car and a bank account.

Canlead is different, we know our WHY, it’s a smarter way to share and earn. Sharing is giving the opportunity to someone to earn something from their networks. Earning from any unique opportunities require insight, trust, and leadership.

At Canlead, we believe your net-worth is in every opportunity you share with your network.

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Canlead helps you refer people to job or business opportunities and earn commissions.