Top 10 Cannabis Stories of 2015

Cannabis Weekly covered a lot of ground in 2015 (at least we like to think so). Here’s a countdown cross-section of top 10 cannabis stories of the year.

10. Marijuana vs. the environment

Growing cannabis isn’t, well, green. While you may have noticed a spike in your electricity bill for the two sativa plants growing in your garage, that’s nothing compared to the electricity used in large-scale, indoor farming. Marijuana crops also use a lot of water. Perhaps you recall hearing about California’s drought? Cannabis cultivation certainly isn’t helping. That’s not to mention the wildlife being poisoned by pesticides and trees being bulldozed to make room for the crops. Yikes.

9. Women in the weed world

Females aren’t known to dominate the business world. In all U.S. businesses, only 22 percent of executives are women. In the marijuana industry, however, 36 percent of executives are women. This has led some to speculate that the cannabis industry could be the first billion-dollar industry not dominated by men. We say Queens of Cannabis would agree. Beyoncé would say: Who run the world? Girls, girls!

8. Celebrities and cannabis

Famous people love putting their name on stuff, and marijuana is no exception. Willie Nelson has announced his intentions to start his own line of cannabis products. There’s a brand of Jimi Hendrix pot. Snoop Dogg launched both a line of premium weed and his own marijuana lifestyle website. There are also celebrities- like Steph Curry and Amy Schumer- who are joining the fight for criminal justice reform.

7. Money, money, money

States with recreational marijuana make a lot of money from it. Seriously- a ton. Oregon made a killing in its opening week. Colorado used some of its cannabis money to fund college scholarships. Other states (and other countries), take note.

6. California’s push for legalization

California has had medical marijuana since 1996, and many think it’s time for the substance to be legal for recreational purposes. Napster genius/billionaire Sean Parker is behind a major legalization bid. Another measure just joined forceswith his. Marijuana advocates nationwide are keeping their fingers crossed.

5. Really bad attitudes

While many Americans have warmed up to the idea of a legal and regulated cannabis industry, some still have extraordinarily negative views of marijuana. There are the people who worry about weed in Halloween candy. There’s the cop in Texas who searched a woman’s vagina for marijuana. There are the Texas officials who desperately want the world to know that Sandra Bland had cannabis in her system. There are the people behind these insane “marijuana googles.” And, of course, there is the new DEA chief who called medical marijuana a joke.

4. Canna-business

The marijuana business world is exploding, and everyone wants in. There are marijuana business summits. There are an incredible amount of cannabis-related startups. Some are arguing for a more corporate cannabis culture. Many are interested in investing. Even if you’re just watching from the sidelines, this industry is one to watch.

3. Presidential hopefuls and marijuana

Bernie says yes! Hillary says I don’t know– but she does support reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug. Donald says probably, but it should be decided at the state level. These other Republicans say hell no.

2. Cannabis studies

The results of a ton of important, helpful studies came out this year. Marijuana can help football players suffering from a rare brain disease. It can also hurt male sexual performance. Smoking tobacco with weed can be beneficial. Should you worry about teens and legal marijuana? Not really. Medical marijuana can be life-changing for children with epilepsy. In general: medical marijuana is a pretty amazing thing.

1. Marijuana and tech

The tech industry is doing so many cool things with cannabis. There’s this app that gives you a medical marijuana prescription. There’s the Yelp for potheads. Here’s an app that tells if you’re high. Want an app to find weed-lovers to date? Here you go. This delivery startup wants to send you marijuana via drones. All in all, this is pretty damn amazing.

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