What is Coin Fungibility and Why is it Important for You to Know About it.

There is another popular term in the Cannabis Cryptocoin industry and that is fungibility. So, what exactly is coin fungibility. According to NullTx,

“Fungibility is a trait of a good or commodity with interchangeable individual units. For example, one ounce of pure gold is equivalent to any other ounce of pure gold. It does not matter in which “form” these ounces are traded. A bar of pure gold is the same as freshly minted pure gold or an ingot of pure gold. Currencies, as one would expect, are fungible as well, as it allows them to function in the real world on a global scale.”

But, what does this mean and how does it relate to all types of cryptocoins? Essentially, a cryptocurrency would be considered “fungible” if every single coin would always remain equal in value to all other coins, this is a very key part of having a proper financial system. It can also help with protecting your privacy which is a huge topic of conversation in the Cannabis Cyptocoin industry! According to Steemit,

“Without fungibility, you would be left with a currency that is only valuable as the governing body says it is, once the governing body can identify one coin from another coin, the value of said coin is headed into the ground. From this point blacklists can be made, and ultimately the end users can be tracked via their currency choice, which is yet another breach of privacy. So, keep that in mind when you are searching for your next investment. If it’s not fungible, it’s not flexible.”

In summary, you can state that the US dollar is “fungible” because it has the same value but that same can’t be said about cryptocurrencies. So, if you are choosing to invest in cryptocurrencies, they may be more valuable to a collector. With that said, coin fungibility is important and just more level of knowledge you should familiarize yourself with if you plan on investing because cryptocurrencies are everywhere and it seems you cannot go a day without reading some headline about them.


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