Hemp Seed & CBD Oil Benefits for Your Hair

Cannabiz Sativva
Sep 24 · 3 min read

With all of the buzz currently surrounding the benefits of CBD Oil, I wanted to take a look at one of the areas, which I find is quite overlooked when it comes to possible uses of Hemp Seed CBD Oil, and that is for hair health.

Considering that many cosmetics today already include natural ingredients such as collagen, bambu, keratin, biotin, aloe vera, almend oil, as well an infinite many others, wouldn’t it also make sense that the properties found in the Hemp plant — high in protein, perfect combination of Omega Fatty Acids 3,6,9, high absortion capacity — couldn’t these qualities also pose a benefit for those looking to improve their hair health?

Benefits of Hemp Seed CBD Oil for Hair

Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.

It seems like just as there are almost an infinite variety of cannabis strains with different qualities, effects and benefits, Hemp Seed & CBD Oil offer a variety of potential uses and benefits, depending on the needs and personal situation of the individual.

Hemp’s Amino Acid & Protein Profile

Hemp Seed CBD Oil contains all 21 amino acids, which are the foundation or building blocks of protein. Assisting your hair with protein production has the added effect of preventing hair breakage, as well as making your hair look thicker and fuller. Furthermore, hemp seed oil assists in the production of collagen and elastin, both vital for hair strength.

Omega 3, 6, 9 Fatty Acids

One of the main benefits of Hemp Seed CBD Oil is it’s perfect Omega 3, 6, 9 profile. These oils help in preventing moisture loss — as well as too much moisture and/or environmental pollutants being absorbed by the hair — additionally one of the amino acids, tyrosine, is acutally responsable for helping to maintain your natural hair color and thus acts a natural remedy to reverse grey hair.

Photo by Laryssa Suaid on Pexels.

Hemp’s Skin & Scalp Cleansing Propeties

Ideal for oily, acne-prone skin, Hemp Seed oil has an advantage in that it is incredibly moisturizing, with the special ability of penetrating down to the deepest levels of the epidermis, albeit without clogging your pores or causing you to break out. In fact, Hemp Seed oil offers an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, helping to dimish break out, red marks, acne, eczema and other skin irritations. Research from the University of Kuopio in Finland has shown that daily application of Hemp Seed Oil has proven beneficial in terms of improving skin condition for those affected with atopic dermatitis, or eczema.

My Story

Laslty, I just wanted to share a quick personal story. One year ago, I was routinely applying Hemp Seed CBD Oil to my face as part of a nighttime facial routine, as I hadn’t really been taking great care of my skin and was determined to start taking better daily care of my overall health.

Long story short, I noticed that the hair towards the front of my head seemed to be coming in fuller, as well as growing more quickly — this was right above my forhead, where I had been applying the oil — to my surprise it seemed that the benefits of the Hemp Seed CBD Oil had also started to positively affect my hair.

I have been applying Hemp Seed CBD Oil to my hair and scalp for the past year and I have definitely experienced many of the same effects as described in this article. I would invite anyone who is interested in getting proactive about their thinnning hair, poor hair quality and/or hair color to give Hemp Seed CBD Oil a try.

Cannabiz Sativva

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